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What If Politicians Beaded Together

A casual friend came by for coffee and some beading time this week. We sat at the table and each worked on our individual projects and talked. I learned that she and I grew up in the same state, that she and her gorgeous standard poodle have arthritis now, and that we have seen some of the same movies lately.

That we have other friends in common, and that we have both blocked the same person on facebook and for the same reasons. And I now know that neither of our husbands like to dance and that is why she teaches line dancing and probably why I have taught aerobic dance for years. It is how we both feed a need to move to music.

We managed to find lots in common, even through we also are in different ballparks in some major areas of our lives. We laughed quite a bit and I look forward to seeing her again soon.

In contemplating our time together, I was reminded of how women always manage to work and talk together. We never stand around and watch another women cook or serve a meal. We pitch in. Women have gathered to quilt together, to read together, to laugh and to cry together forever. And we often share our life stories with each other as we work on art together too.

I wonder what might be accomplished in our legislative halls if politicians sat down and actually worked together on a project, and actually talked to each other while working. Might they learn to appreciate their differences, their liknesses and respect each other a bit. We would all benefit from that.

Neola Bye-Beza

I have always been attracted to all things natural and earthy. As a bead artist living here in the southwest desert I am surrounded by wonderful lapidary folks giving me access to unusual cuts of jasper and agates that lend themselves to the unique "one of a kind' beaded jewelry I design. Working with natural stones and seed beads which I embroider onto leather or suede using my own original designs with native stitches and techniques I sew or loom each piece individually.


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