Gaudy by Neola

Visit Me at the Florence Home Tour Feb 11, 2017

I am so pleased to be able to display my artwork at the upcoming Historic Florence Home Tour and would like to invite all of you to come and see me Feb 11, 2017.


The Art of Stretching in Life and in Art

Maybe its my short attention span, but I find that in art I often need to learn something new in order to stay enthused about even my first love, which is beading.


Koyanisquatsi and the Great Worrier

Today is Earth Day and so I am thinking about art and life and our mother earth. On days like today life seems to fight with art and art usually loses and I am compelled to take on my mantle as the great worrier.


What If Politicians Beaded Together

A casual friend came by for coffee and some beading time this week. We sat at the table and each worked on our individual projects and talked. I learned that she and I grew up in the same state, that she and her gorgeous standard poodle have arthritis now, and that we have seen some of the same movies lately.

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