Gaudy by Neola

SOLD - Totem

"Totem" inspired by some of the spirit guide animals that I love so much is beaded in a split necklace style. Turtle is for the earth and for ancient wisdom. He carries all others on his back. Bear sits on turtle and lends us courage, strength and stability. On his back rides Owl bringing wisdom with acute sight and hearing even in the darkest of times. Up one side of this fun piece are Kissing Fish signifying evolution, change, and awakening and on the opposite side Bats hang out bringing a sense of touch, increased psychic levels and grand illusions.

This original design was done on a loom using seed beads in muted shades of greens, rusts, blue and silver with a fringe of gun metal grey leaf shaped daggers. The necklace is 2 inches at its widest and is a total of 18 inches in length. The split portion of the necklace measures 14 inches in length and easily slips over most heads while the nap of the neck is covered by a narrow band of beads for an extremely comfortable fit. If you believe in the spiritual guidance of animals, then this Totem OOAK necklace could be yours.

Neola Bye-Beza

I have always been attracted to all things natural and earthy. As a bead artist living here in the southwest desert I am surrounded by wonderful lapidary folks giving me access to unusual cuts of jasper and agates that lend themselves to the unique "one of a kind' beaded jewelry I design. Working with natural stones and seed beads which I embroider onto leather or suede using my own original designs with native stitches and techniques I sew or loom each piece individually.


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