Gaudy by Neola


This Navajo inspired "YEI" figure, hand loomed in a slip string necklace style, makes one smile when they notice that head rests on one shoulder and her feet on the other.

Between her head and feet is her beautiful dress, draped in bold native colors of turquoise, black, orange and yellow with shades of brown.

The necklace is 30 inches in length including the silver plated cones and magnetic clasp.

This pattern was designed by my teacher mentor, Joan Lukehart and beaded by me in colors that I chose as reminiscent of this beautiful desert I live in.

The matching earrings are a simple triangle pattern which does not distract from the necklace, but finishes the set off nicely.

Once again, a unique piece to add to your jewelry collection or to give as a gift to someone you love lots. 

Neola Bye-Beza

I have always been attracted to all things natural and earthy. As a bead artist living here in the southwest desert I am surrounded by wonderful lapidary folks giving me access to unusual cuts of jasper and agates that lend themselves to the unique "one of a kind' beaded jewelry I design. Working with natural stones and seed beads which I embroider onto leather or suede using my own original designs with native stitches and techniques I sew or loom each piece individually.


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