Gaudy by Neola

On Buying Art for Me

I buy a lot of art, even when I can't afford it. My rule is to wait for 2 days to see if I can live without a piece I want, and if not, I make it happen for me. Years ago I met Yuri Kuznetsov in a gallery in California and fell in love with this work "Under The Same Sky."

Too expensive for sure on my budget at that time, but I managed to pull together enough for this digraph and I've never ever been sorry. 

And during those lean years I came across a sculpture by Sally Roberts, called "Surfacing" that spoke so loudly to me that I truely believe I would have gone with food and water just to have her. In all my household moves since then, I hand carried her with me. Somedays I feel I am struggling to surface up through water and somedays gently floating up through the universe. She is always there for me.

Art feeds the soul for sure, so remember to feed your soul when you find art that speaks to you.

Neola Bye-Beza

I have always been attracted to all things natural and earthy. As a bead artist living here in the southwest desert I am surrounded by wonderful lapidary folks giving me access to unusual cuts of jasper and agates that lend themselves to the unique "one of a kind' beaded jewelry I design. Working with natural stones and seed beads which I embroider onto leather or suede using my own original designs with native stitches and techniques I sew or loom each piece individually.


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